Your MC’s duties will begin before the big day. They will need to communicate with the couple and the manager of your venue, as well as guests who may have special needs in terms of speeches and announcements. This communication will be conducted via email and phone calls during the weeks leading up to your wedding.

Experts in wedding photography say that preplanning are the key to reducing stress on the big day. They also advise against leaving things until the last minute. After you have chosen a professional wedding coordinator, communicate clearly to build a rapport and allow enough time to address all important issues.

They will need to be able to read the running sheets and identify the names of the bridesmaids for the introductions. They also manage various formalities at the reception.

Melbourne Wedding MC–Hire a Professional for Your Wedding

It can be difficult to choose the right Wedding MC Melbourne for your special day.

We’re seeing a huge rise in the demand to hire a professional wedding MC as one of the most important trends in weddings. There are many myths and questions about who should be your wedding MC. Let’s examine the role and dispel some common myths. We’ll also give you a list of questions to ask prospective wedding MCs so you can make an informed decision.

What makes Trax DJ Hire Melbourne different?

People think that an MC is someone who announces things over the microphone. Couples usually choose someone who is funny, a party-goer or a good speaker. This can sometimes lead to embarrassing moments for guests, and worse, for the couple getting married.

A professional wedding MC like our Wedding MC Melbourne can know every detail of your wedding, as well as more. With such experience, we can be your go-to person and source of information when planning your wedding. You should meet with your MC in the weeks leading up to your wedding to discuss how you can personalise every aspect of the celebration. It’s a red flag if an MC doesn’t want to meet with you.

bride groom first dance in function room

Why our wedding MC?

Let’s begin by saying that a wedding reception can be described as a celebration. It is the celebration of a couple who got married earlier in the day. This is where everyone can eat, drink, and have fun.

Here’s the first benefit of hiring our professional wedding MC: they won’t drink.

WE will be your hosts.

Your wedding MC is basically the host of your event. So we will often welcome guests and guide them to their seats.

Our Professional Wedding MC Melbourne will welcome guests more formally on the microphone. Keep in mind that I don’t mean formal. Your wedding MC must be able to perform their duties and create the right atmosphere for your wedding.

Confidence is the key.

Confident communicators are essential for your MC. And our professional wedding MC Melbourne is well trained and they have performed in many weddings in Melbourne so you must rest assured. Your MC will direct, inform, and guide your guests throughout your wedding reception. They will turn to the MC for advice on how to behave, what to do, and who to contact if they have any questions. Your MC will be able to interact with guests on and off the mic.