Wedding DJs are not just responsible for playing the music. A wedding DJ’s duties include more than just playing the ceremony music. Other responsibilities include connecting to guests, making light, groovy movements (aesthetic), setting the mood before formalities, and allowing guests to settle in. However, hiring Wedding dj in Melbourne prices vary from company to company.

There are many ways a wedding DJ can make a big difference in your wedding ceremony:

1. A wedding DJ sets the mood for the evening 

The first thing you will notice as soon as you walk into a wedding ceremony is the music. The music is what makes the wedding ceremony feel real and sets the mood for guests and the bride and groom. 

Hire a professional DJ to perform your wedding ceremony. Experienced and professional wedding DJs will know what songs are best to set the mood before and during the wedding ceremony. When you hire your wedding DJ, there will be questions about your music tastes and music preferences. Wedding DJs are professionals who listen to your input and create a winning mix for your ceremony and guests. 

2. A Wedding DJ Can Read the Crowd 

This may sound strange, but it is true. A DJ at a wedding can read the crowd and the guests. The wedding DJ can interpret the mood and emotions of the crowd, and play the right music accordingly. They are the true masters of their craft. 

3. A Wedding DJ will maintain the flow of your wedding ceremony 

It’s not easy to keep the flow of events in a wedding ceremony, according to a professional DJ. A professional wedding DJ can still do the job without major difficulties. 

A wedding DJ understands how long a ceremony typically lasts and plans accordingly. Their primary goal is to keep guests entertained and they do a great job. A wedding DJ can handle events of this nature, whether they are playing at a birthday party or a dinner party. 

A well-planned flow will help you feel relaxed and give you more time to spend with your loved ones than worrying about the entertainment of your guests. 

4. DJ searches for sound equipment 

As a professional DJ will always have a variety of high-quality sound equipment. A LIVE DJ may be able to organize sound equipment for you. The DJ will oversee the setup of microphones, sound systems, and lighting. They will make sure your guests are entertained throughout the event. They will make sure everything runs smoothly during your booking. 

5. Lighting

Lighting is crucial for any wedding day. However, in most cases, the lighting arrangement does not work best. This is why you might need a dedicated team to deal with this part. For the event, you can hire a DJ. The lighting arrangements can also be looked at by a professional DJ service. They will ensure that all lights function at their best throughout the night. It is possible to avoid hiring an electrician. Contact Trax DJ Hire anytime to learn more about their services as wedding DJs.