The Master of Ceremonies (or MC) is a vital part of the wedding ceremony. Among the MC’s duties and responsibilities are the following:

  • acquainting guests, family members, or members of the bridal party
  • observing the passage of time and adhering to a schedule
  • facilitating activities for wedding entertainment (speeches, party games, photo album slide shows)
  • ensuring that things run smoothly (and sometimes taking care of any unforeseen incidents during the evening)

Often we observe couples appointing a friend or relative to serve as the MC (sometimes, this responsibility falls onto the best man). Naturally, this is the most cost-effective option. Another reason why the bride and groom would prefer a close friend to serve as the MC is that they want a more personal and unique wedding experience. After all, a paid professional MC will follow a pre-written master of ceremonies wedding script and will only include the same old standard old jokes heard at every other wedding.

That is understandable and forgivable – a hired MC will not be familiar enough with the bridal party and guests to provide a truly personalized experience. On the other hand, because a professional Master of Ceremonies has presided over tens or hundreds of weddings, they will almost certainly provide a much “smoother” wedding experience, their jokes will be well-tested, and the expert will be more adept at time management.

How to choose the person who will be in charge of the wedding entertainment?

If you choose to have a friend or relative serve as Master of Ceremonies, choose someone who is easygoing, at ease in front of a large crowd, and has extensive experience speaking in public (especially with large audiences). Being an MC entails a great deal of responsibility, and even if your prospective MC has extensive public speaking experience and has known all of your guests for an extended period of time (i.e. is among close friends), they will almost certainly experience jitters due to the weight of the responsibility you have placed on them.

When selecting a wedding MC, look for someone who is responsible and accountable and has consistently demonstrated these characteristics in the past. The last thing you want is for your wedding MC (who may be a charismatic “social butterfly” who enjoys public speaking) to become distracted by the food, wine, and good company and fall asleep on a couch outside the wedding reception.

festival in melbourne cbd with master of ceremonies using mic on stage

Determine which services and items the MC provides.

You should find an experienced professional for Melbourne party mc hire to avoid any problems. Ascertain with your wedding MC which services and props will be included and which will incur an additional fee. Along with traditional MC services, many MCs offer photo booths, custom music, and special song requests, as well as speaking in cultural accents! Additionally, MCs may supply props, lighting, microphones, special effects, and in some cases, their own stage!

Consider the list of top wedding masters of ceremonies in your area and use the filters to narrow your search for MCs based on the services, props, and event types these professionals provide.

Wedding masters of ceremonies perform much more than simply grab the microphone and speak. Their presence ensures that your reception runs smoothly. From the first dance to the toast and cake cutting, an experienced MC announces the action with panache and prepares the guests for what is about to happen. In effect, he or she takes on the role of event coordinator, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. Consider how our trained Master of Ceremonies can help you relax and ensure a flawless wedding reception.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of a professional wedding MC – that is until something unexpected happens. That is when the MC steps in to coordinate the various vendors and wedding planners to keep the reception flowing smoothly. This can save the bridal couple a great deal of time and aggravation. While DJs and live bands are capable of performing some of these functions as well, their primary focus is clearly on entertainment. The best wedding MCs understand when and how to assert authority without alienating others. Indeed, the MC’s most valuable asset is his or her sense of humor.