Birthday Party DJ Hire

Birthday Party DJ Hire Melbourne

Finding the right DJ for your birthday party will truly make or break the night. If you have a 16th birthday party and accidentally book a 55 year old DJ that plays earth wind and fire all night, the youthful attendees will not be able to relate! Likewise if you have a 50th birthday party and start playing the latest viral songs from TikTok the baby boomers won’t know what hit them.

Kids Birthday Parties: If you’re planning on hiring a DJ with for your kids birthday whether they are 2 or 12, we have versatile playlists of new music and classics that will have both the kids and adults singing along.

16th Birthday Parties: Are always fun high energy parties with lots of dancing and new music. Generation Z have a taste for music that generation X and above don’t even know exists. We are plugged in with the youth and always know what the kids want to hear at this age.

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girl points at the camera while dj plays her favourite song

Birthday DJ and MC

18th Birthday Parties: A party as old as time in Australia the 18th! Everyone’s cracking open a drink and is ready to hit the dance floor. Our younger DJ has a great playlist for Gen Z people turning 18 between 2020 and 2025.

21st Birthday Parties: This is by far the most common birthday party we are hired for. Even though it’s an American based tradition, us Aussies have adopted it as our coming of age party as well. 

The main element that set’s the 21st birthday party apart from the rest is the speeches! We are always well prepared for this part of the night and have microphones at the ready so that everyone with something to say can be heard. Once the speeches wrap up we’ll be ready with a one hit wonder to get everyone on the dance floor immediately afterwards. This is always the peak of the night and we have it down to a science.

dark dance floor with girls dancing and lasers shining
dance floor in melbourne with lighting hire at 21st birthday party

30th Birthday Parties: Melbourne’s Millennials have played a huge part in the music scene for years and have some of the most diverse tastes in music. They are familiar with the classics and sing alongs but also love 90s hip hop and modern dance music. Our 30th birthday party DJ comes armed with an eclectic playlist to make sure everyone has their ‘this is my song’ moment.

40th / 50th Birthday Parties: Generation Z have a wider range musical tastes from John Farnham and Michael Jackson through to Earth Wind and Fire. We love DJing for this generation and getting them up on the dance floor singing along to all the classics. We also offer Corporate DJ hire services.

60th Birthday Parties: Baby boomers love to dance. They invented some of the most iconic moves that are still used today. Only the real party goers from the 50’s and 60’s hire a DJ for a 60th birthday party. We love the enthusiasm for the dance floor and have a great library of classics and sing along that your generation will love.