Nobody’s wedding should be “cookie-cutter.” Your wedding is your day, and it should feel completely in sync with your personality from beginning to end.

The key to creating a wedding that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and truly feels like you is to infuse your wedding day with as much of your personality as possible. Including details about what makes you unique and the things you love not only makes you feel special on that day, but also draws your guests in, connects them to you, and ensures an unforgettable day.

It’s time to share some of the best ideas for making your wedding completely unique. And these things are inexpensive or free.

1. Name your tables after something you love

Rather than using conventional table numbers, name your tables after a shared interest or hobby. For instance, players on your favorite baseball team, cities you’ve visited together, or your preferred beer style.

2. Entertain your guests with trivia about newlyweds

Create a list of trivia questions for your guests to answer about you and your fianc√©. This not only introduces your guests to you as a couple but also serves as an icebreaker as guests respond to questions around the table. This is an excellent idea for filling time while your bridal party is lining up for introductions or during dinner’s downtime.

3. Out-of-the-ordinary favors that represent you

Provide favors that reveal something about your interests or personality to your guests. For example, one couple gave bottles of honey wine.

4. Share your favorite photographs

This can be accomplished by creating a collage of photographs of the two of you growing up, by including it in your signature guest book, or by displaying it on your gift table. Displaying wedding photos of your parents or grandparents is an elegant and romantic way to share your family history. You could also use multimedia equipment, including LCD or projection screens, to show a photo montage of your first dances and dinner.

5. Use music to make memories

During the ceremony and reception, play your favorite songs and artists, or the songs that your family and friends enjoy. You walk down the aisle, your introduction music, your parent dances, or your cocktail/dinner playlist are all fun places to incorporate your favorite tunes.

6. Tell your love story

Before the wedding, write a brief love letter to each other and DO NOT share it with one another. Then, on the wedding day, have the letters read aloud by your officiant or us as your Melbourne wedding DJ.

The response is always astounding. Your words can be romantic, humorous, or quirky, depending on how well they fit your personality. Your guests will sense a sense of community, which will set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Inviting your guests to perform is a great way to start. If your family includes musicians or dancers, invite them to perform at your ceremony or reception.


You do not need to use all or any of these items. However, you should express your personality in ways that are authentic to who you are, as this will engage and involve your guests in ways that nothing else will.